Accepted Student Registration Packets

See below to access the registration packet along with directions on how to annotate the PDF. The registration packet is embedded in the Google Form. If you are having a hard time annotating/electronically editing the registration packet as a PDF, please print the packet and fill out by hand. When you are finished please email the registration packet directly to our secretary, Ms. Mullins, at If you have printed out the packet and filled it out by hand, please take pictures and then email it to Ms. Mullins.

Please do not edit the document as a Google Doc, as it will mess up the formatting and make it difficult to read.

In addition to the registration packet, we will also need a few other required documents. Please see the checklist below for additional documentation that will need to be emailed to our secretary, Ms. Mullins.

If you have any questions about the registration process and enrollment packets or would like to submit your enrollment packet, please email our secretary, Ms. Mullins, at