Student Handbook

Hours of Operation

In a full-time schedule model, the school building is open from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday-Friday. The first class starts at 8:15 am every morning, and school ends at 3:35 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays and 3:05 pm on Fridays. School ends at 2:45 pm on Wednesdays (this includes mini-courses, ILPs, and Capstones).

Inclement Weather

SLA is a School District of Philadelphia school and operates the same as other Philadelphia public and charter schools do. Please listen to your local news stations, or go online to or to check for school closings due to inclement weather or weather emergencies. SLA’s school code is 2680.

Code of Conduct

At SLA, we have come together to try to further each other’s knowledge, wisdom and abilities. To do that, we all need to feel safe, valued and respected. To that end, we offer the following three guidelines for student behavior:

Respect and care about yourself.
Respect and care about the community and its members.
Respect and care that this is a place of learning

All other specific guidelines for behavior stem from these simple statements.

Disciplinary actions for students who violate any or all of these codes of conduct range from parent conferences, to loss of privileges, to suspension and/or expulsion from SLA. Students and families should be familiar with the School District of Philadelphia’s Code of Conduct that can be found at

Appearance Guidelines

SLA students must dress respectfully in such a way that their dress does not interfere with another student’s learning.

Students should be aware that teachers can require students to wear lab coats in class—many science teachers will require lab coats when working in the lab. Students are expected to pay for a lab coat on the first day of school.

Students are expected to be dressed respectfully, neatly, and modestly in clothing suitable for school.

Academic Integrity Policy

At SLA, we take academic integrity seriously. Please see our Academic Integrity Policy here.

Personal Electronic Devices

At SLA, we are proud to be a 21st century school and we promote responsible and thoughtful use of personal electronic devices. However, cell phones, tablets, and other items should not interfere with the learning process. Teachers reserve the right to confiscate a student’s device if it is interfering with the class. The first time a student’s personal electronic device appears to be a nuisance, it will be taken away and returned to the student at the end of the school day. Parents/guardians will need to come to the school to collect their child’s personal electronic device the second time it is confiscated.

Acceptable Use Policy

You can view SLA Beeber’s AUP here

The School District of Philadelphia AUP can be found here