Academic Integrity Policy

Posted on August 27, 2019
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Across disciplines, we value student collaboration and expression of original ideas. The vast majority of students turn in assignments that either meet or exceed our expectations and contain no plagiarized or copied work. In an effort to honor their work, we introduce the following policy to respond to work that has been plagiarized or copied.

Definition of Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty for this Policy: In an instructional setting, plagiarism occurs when a student uses or supplies someone else’s language, ideas, or other original material without acknowledging its source. Including, but not limited to:

  • Copying from the Internet or any other source (including putting work into an online translator)
  • Copying from another student
  • Turning in another person’s work as your own
  • Submitting a group project that includes plagiarized or copied work
  • Supplying another student with work that is not their own

If plagiarism/copying occurs on larger assessments in a given academic year (standards, benchmarks, large projects, etc. worth 10% of grade or more):

1st offense: Students will automatically fail the quarter if the assignment isn’t re-done. Students can re-do the assignment, and any re-done assignment that meets expectations can earn up to a 50%. The re-done assignment’s grade will be mathematically factored in to determine the student’s final grade for the quarter. If plagiarism/copying is caught at the very end of the quarter, student will earn an Incomplete for the quarter and will have a maximum of two weeks to re-do the assignment for 50% credit. There will also be a parent meeting with advisors, teacher, and student.

2nd offense in any class: Student will fail the course where the second plagiarism occurs for the quarter and there will be a parent meeting with advisors, teacher and Mr. Johnson.

3rd offense in any class: Student will fail the course where the third plagiarism occurs for the year.

**Group Projects: If a group project is submitted that contains plagiarized or copied work, other group members who didn’t plagiarize will be penalized one full letter grade (10%) for the project, and the group member who plagiarized/copied will fall under the above consequences. If there is a concern about a group member possibly plagiarizing or not completing his or her share of a group’s work, other group members should voice this concern with their teacher as early as possible, and the teacher will work with the group to come up with a solution.

If plagiarism occurs on other assignments (non-benchmarks; smaller assignments), the following consequences will apply for BOTH copier and copiee:

1st offense: 0 and redo for 0 credit, meeting with advisor and alert parents.
2nd offense in same class: meet with advisor, teacher and Mr. Johnson
Additional offenses in class: parents come in and meet with Mr. Johnson, possible suspension or failure for quarter depending on frequency of offenses.

Adapted from the Council of Writing Program Administrators,


Student Sign-off
I have reviewed and understand the SLA Plagiarism Policy. All work presented in upcoming projects will be my own; I will not give or receive unauthorized help on any projects during the course of this year.

Signature: _____________________________________

Date: _________________