CTE: Education and Teaching

The CTE Teaching program at SLA@Beeber is a 2-year program that empowers students to become future educators; gives students an opportunity to take up to one year’s worth of college credit; and provides a foundation for developing the skills and competencies toward making positive and lasting change in the field of education.

We currently partner with the Center for Black Educator Development to provide curriculum and learning experiences that are relevant to our current educational landscape, and intentionally designed to develop educators who are concerned with the cultural and social well-being of students who have been traditionally ignored or neglected within the American education system.

As part of this Teaching CTE program, we are excited to provide students with:

  • Opportunities to enroll in college courses and earn up to 8 classes worth of college credit while still in high school
  • A Teaching apprenticeship in a subject area aligned with your interests and future career path
  • Opportunities to shape curriculum and teach a course of your own design
  • Mentorship and professional development from select mentor teachers in our SLA Beeber community
  • Opportunities to attend conferences, events and panels as high school thought leaders in education

SLA Beeber Student Advocates in Harrisburg About the Need for Teachers of Color in PA

Student Lyndsay Bennett had an amazing opportunity to speak to lawmakers at the state capital Harrisburg about the need for teachers of color in Pennsylvania. She shares her testimonial as a Jamaican student and is accompanied by her fellow classmates and teachers in the Teaching CTE program.

Click play to hear her story.

SLA @ Beeber's CTE Program in the News

“Becoming the first certified teaching pathway program in Philadelphia would be a tremendous opportunity for our school and an exciting component to a citywide approach to creating a talent pipeline. We need to develop as many future teachers as possible, especially a diverse group of educators with a love of educating Philadelphia youth, and we are ready to utilize our expert staff to tap into the potential of our students.”

— Christopher Johnson, Principal

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